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Dangerous Brand’s Story…

It started one late summer a few years ago when I was given a grocery bag full of jalapeno peppers from my wife’s family’s vast garden. I cleaned and cut up the peppers and decided to freeze them in small containers to be used a little at a time in cooking. We soon discovered after trying to cook with the peppers that they were much hotter than what we were used to buying in the store. My wife simply wasn’t enthusiastic about trying my cooking when the dishes I was preparing were too hot for her. To be honest, they were too hot for my tastes as well. So, I decided to dry out the peppers, grind them up, and make my own seasoning with them like a friend of ours had shown us. I ground up the peppers in our kitchen, and mixed them with a few other spices. During the process we discovered just how “Dangerous” it was to make our own seasonings! The “Dust” created from grinding the jalapenos made us sneeze, cough, and cry, and generally understand that we needed to learn a better way of making our seasoning! We were joking and claimed “that is some Dangerous Dust” – and the name “Danger Dust” was born.

Each year we made seasonings for family and friends, and each year there seemed to be more requests. Many people were saying “you know, you ought to sell your seasoning”. At first I took it as a compliment, but after hearing it more often I considered starting a small hobby business to sell my recipe. I formed my LLC, and researched a spice company to work with to mix my recipe and bottle my product. The rest is history, and hopefully a future for my family.

Dan Ulmen
Founder, Dangerous Brand Spices


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